It Is Now

A chapter from the book, Einstein's Dreams, that talks about - How we often forget to acknowledge the little moments in our lives. Only with true attention and care can we see their value. 


As a part of Graduate studio's assignment, every student brought there understanding about time together and every one extracted there own concept from it.

'It’ is Now. 

How long will 'it’ last? 

Is ‘it’ over or are you still living 'it’? 


What if we could stretch time and keep pulling infinite moments out of that one moment we thought was extremely significant? Often we rush through things thinking, ‘if I hurry, I will have more time’. It is easy to just quantify time. Every day has twenty-four hours, but is every day the same? 


How do we find time to look at everything, yet keep up with the world’s pace and stay afloat in this cut-throat race? If only we become more attentive, we would be astonished to find that there’s so much that we didn’t see. There are so many beautiful things around us. If only you look closer…go deeper…you will find 'its' reality.