Robert O’Neal Award | RISD Commencement ’17 | Jun 2017

Consistently strong performance, resourcefulness, and diligence in developing creative design solutions.


Graduate Students Project Grant | RISD | Apr 2017

Grant for final year thesis project.

Graduate Faculty Merit Award | RISD | 2016

RISD Fellowship | 2015-2016, 2016-2017

First Prize | EATON, India | 2010

State-level competition ‘Utopia’, sponsored by EATON - designing ideal living conditions for a hypothetical city.

Nick Scappaticci

Founder & CEO at Tellart


"Lokesh has the amazing ability to think strategically about long-term implication of his ideas, while also being able to adapt and troubleshoot. He has a command of his technical abilities and a strong sensibility for the qualitative aspects of design. This comes from being methodical, being able to iterate with materials and ideas and not be convinced until solutions are researched, vetted, stable and tested. 

"It was a pleasure to have him as a part of our team. I fully, confidently recommend him as his talents are boundless and his collaborative approach is infectious. I would happy to be contacted for further information. "

Mikhail Mansion

Artist / Technologist / Researcher at Tellart 


"I recently had the opportunity to work closely with Lokesh when he joined Tellart’s multidisciplinary design team in order to help us tackle a very challenging large-scale installation in South Korea.

"Lokesh quickly adapted to multiple moving targets and short timeframes, helping our team successfully deliver a high-quality design that ultimately led to an engaging experience for our clients and their audiences.

"I was impressed by Lokesh’s special knack for jumping into quick iterative prototyping in order to determine risks, affordances and creative opportunities using a range of technical materials. He possesses a strong attention to detail but also knows when to iterate quickly through ideas and move towards the right solution.

"Most of all, I appreciated Lokesh’s thoughtful, upbeat, and creative energy while working on our team. I'm happy to share this recommendation so that others can benefit from Lokesh's talents."

Ryan Scott Bardsley

Senior Director Research and Development, Anesthesia at The Medicines Company


"I was connected with Lokesh through RISD to serve as a mentor for his master's thesis. As a mechanical engineer seeking a graduate degree in Industrial Design, Lokesh is pursuing what I feel is the most powerful combination of degrees. His ability to create is amazing. Seemingly simple prototypes conceal hand-wired microcontrollers executing custom code to mock up a user interaction concept that Lokesh is exploring. These electronics are, in turn, embedded in a beautifully rapid prototyped housing. Having worked on this type of effort before, I can not express how impressive Lokesh's ability not only to execute a feat like this but to do it elegantly. 

"Lokesh's attention to detail is also unrivaled. The most mundane component of every object he creates is treated with such finesse and consideration that his most exploratory of concept work truly shines as a finished product. This does not, however, mean he is trapped by this level of detail. I am MOST impressed with his ability to balance his larger blue-sky concept development efforts, with his resourcefulness in managing others that he collaborates with, and reduce everything to practice, on-time, with this high attention to detail. This is not typical graduate student ability. This is seasoned design manager work. 

"Lokesh has a brilliant creative mind, a broad range of talents, incredible depth to execute thanks to his engineering background, and does all of this with a friendly, considerate, and professional manner. He would be a strong asset to any team and is the type of person I always hoped to hire into my research labs. Please feel free to contact me directly for more details."

Ana Maiques

CEO at Neuroelectrics


"Was a pleasure to work with Lokesh, he is very creative, perseverant and has a very unique view on the future. An inspiring person to work with."

Brijesh Shetty

Project Incharge at Nikhil Comforts


"I got to know Lokesh just after he completed his Mechanical Engineering and was trying to find his footing to reach his ultimate goal. We worked together on a couple of projects where he was getting a flavour. Having worked very closely with him of how the conventional industry operates before he would head on to this goal of studying Industrial Design and having had the opportunity to mentor him in his initial days before going for further studies, I would like to say that he has a very methodical approach to any task he takes up. It was more of an obsession to excel by getting into the smallest detail of every aspect of the work. Having a hands-on approach to the task at hand helps bring out the best of his creative streak.  He has an uncanny ability to find out innovative solutions by thinking out of the box. I am sure that whatever he does in the future he will leave a very strong mark on the team he works with. Looking at the way he has progressed I can confidently say that he is definitely cut out for big things."

Peter Snyder

Sr. Vice President & Chief Research Officer, Lifespan Health System


"I have had the privilege of serving as a mentor for Mr. Lokesh Zope's master's thesis work at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). In this capacity, I have had the opportunity to watch Lokesh identify opportunities for innovation, to conceive of terrifically creative solutions, and to design, prototype and to iteratively improve on his designs. Mr. Zope is a talented designer and I can recommend him without any hesitation and with great support and enthusiasm. Dr. Peter J. Snyder, Chief Research Officer, Lifespan Health System (Providence, RI) & Scholar-in-Residence, RISD."

Onega Astaltsova

Providence Optical, optical store manager and eyewear designer. Optical magazine columnist


"I had the privilege of meeting Lokesh while he was working on his EYEWEAR PROJECT. For his project, Lokesh chose a clean, minimalistic look, which was innovative and very difficult to implement.

"Lokesh did not limit himself to a new design concept.  He pushed the boundaries of frame design with a unique choice of frame material ( it was work with carbon fiber) and innovative assembly techniques.  Because the material was very hard to work with, Lokesh created his own jigs and other manufacturing devices.  This kind of design could be done in other materials as well. In every aspect of the 
project, Lokesh broke new ground in eyewear design. 
"Lokesh clearly is innovative but he also strives for perfection.  He takes risks by trying new techniques and experimenting with materials, but he always finishes the project.  His attention to detail is incredible, and, at the same time, he gets the job done. 
"The final product for this project exceeded expectations.  This shows Lokesh’s determination and commitment.  I believe that Lokesh will undertake any design project with a unique combination of an innovative approach and precision work."

Khipra Nichols

Khipra Nichols Design LLC


"I was faculty mentor for Lokesh during the fall of 2016 at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). He was conducting research to develop objects/techniques to help facilitate the meditation process in people who are seeking to improve their wellbeing via with mindful self-awareness. I found his process to be very thorough and insightful, and have no doubt that he will succeed and reach his objectives owing to his great work ethic and visionary approach! Khipra Nichols, Associate Professor of Industrial Design, RISD."