Mindful Interfaces
Can simple haptic interfaces prevent disruption of social etiquettes created by excessive digital screen usage?

My six-year-old daughter has type-1 diabetes. I use the Dexcom blood glucose monitoring system to monitor her blood glucose (BG) levels.  My smartphone receives her BG levels every 5 minutes in the day.  I cannot help but keep checking the levels, although checking phone in the middle of a conversation could be perceived socially disrespectful.


1. Narrative


2. Design Language and Prototype

The ring offers him a new interface. A quarter scroll sends a query to the phone to know if the levels are under control.

Based on the situation the user would receive a haptic response to know if immediate attention is needed.


3. Insight
Digital applications should be designed to preempt compulsive human behavior and
be respectful of others around the user.