Qualitative Interfaces
What is the right resolution of data displayed on digital devices to prevent stress?
3D printed on Stratasys uPrint (ABS - watch case) // Formlabs 2 (Flexible Resin - strap) 
Modeling: Rhino.        Rendering: KeyShot.        Editing: Premiere Pro 
1. Narrative
2. Design Langauge
Goal: Reduce the resolution of data displayed by the watch
The day is divided into sections of 3 hours. The chosen colors roughly represent the color of the sky at that time so the information is intuitive for the user.
2. Prototyping

3. Insight
User Testing
After the participant used the watch for one week he started to become aware of his compulsive behavior and was checking the watch less often. 
Broad Application
The interactions with digital objects should be designed so that the display of data does not induce stress or demand excessive cognitive attention. This resolution of data provided by the digital objects should be designed with the consideration of its effect on the user.