1 May

Let There Be Light!

24 April

Iterations ---------------------------------------------> Result!

21 April

20 April

Raspberry Pi!!!

18 April

14 April

31 March

Fixing the base bath

30 March

More Words

29 March

The Laser Cutter:

Fixing one of the most spectacular tools that I have worked with

24-25 March

23 March

23 March

The day has arrived!

22 March

Checked in! Prepared to go!

16 March

Experimentation with

Professor Joy Ko

15 March

Surgery Mode! Fixing my glasses.

12 March

Conversation about mathematics and artificial intelligence went well!

Nathan Davis (Mathematician/Musician/Artist)

10 March

I speculate as I listen to:

On a loop


Crescendo at 2.34 

8 March


7 March

UV Printing // Branding my old journal

5 March


Video in the making

UV Printing

3 March

Acrylic + BG18 Copic = Glass


Always love these micro-discoveries

2 March

Reparing the 3D printer

28 February

26 February

Started on 26th February